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Computers for rent

Are you in need of a desktop or perhaps MAC computers for rent? Is your requirement specifically for desktop computers from the same manufacturer or model number? If so, you’re in the right place. We provide pan india computer rentals at competitive prices. Everything you require in PAN India computer rental, we will satisfy your needs in a timely and professional manner. Whether you need computers for a day, weeks or months, we can deliver the latest models of computers in your office to assist you in solving your needs.

We have many years of experience in offering computers for rental. Our expert key account managers will evaluate your business needs and inform you of all the latest computers available, key accessories, and configured software. We have worked with more than 500 businesses and grown into one of the country’s largest destinations for computer rentals. Our customers include event management companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and many more. Whether too big or too small orders, we can handle it. As a business, renting computers PAN India, has more benefits than advantages.


Computer rentals are a cost-efficient solution to meet your business requirements. When you purchase computers in bulk for your business, you end up investing a significant amount. Investing in such big amounts may result in inadequate funds to finance other crucial needs in your business. So, computer rentals are the ideal option for growing businesses.

 You only need to pay only a fraction of the computer’s charges for rent in a year. Additionally, purchasing computers is not profitable in the end. Many businesses do not use computers for older than three years. This makes computer rentals economical. It also assists you to avoid extra costs for maintenance and tax.

Tax benefits

Renting computers makes it possible to avoid paying taxes for computers. When you rent computers, they are not considered assets; thus, you do not need to pay tax. On the flip side, if you procure computers, they are considered as assets, and you will be required to pay tax for them. So, renting computers help you to limit tax expenses. When you rent computers, the charges are calculated under your expense, translating to reduced tax. This does not impact your business profit because you did not incur a huge initial cost of purchasing computers.

GST input

Rental of IT equipment, like laptops, computers, projector, server, iMac, MacBook and all other items attracts 100% GST input.

Services Accounting Codes (SAC Codes) 997315 is used for the Leasing or rental services concerning computers with or without operators under Goods and Service Tax classification.

Reduce responsibilities

Reduced responsibilities of maintaining computers are the main reason why most businesses opt to rent computers. With rental computers, the maintenance duty of computers falls under the rental company. When you experience failures with your computers, you just need to make a service request to the rental company, and their engineers will come and fix the problem instantly.

You are waived of the need to employ in-house computer engineers or depend on third-party experts for computer maintenance in your office. The Computer rental company handles both hardware and software issues. We deliver a super-fast technical service for the computers we rent out. It helps you to avoid computer maintenance headaches.

Desktop PC rental

We provide desktop computers for rent at pocket-friendly rates. We have a wide collection of desktops from various leading brands to satisfy your bulk computer needs. Whether you are looking for a desktop computer with an in-built monitor or separate monitor, we can offer the ideal type of desktop with a high configuration PAN India. Consider the software you will be running on your computer rental and ensure to specify the minimum configuration you will need to run all your applications. If you need one for basic operations, you may need a minimum of 40GB and a minimum of 256MB RAM. If you need a rental computer for media functionality, you may want to select 500MB RAM or more.

Renting computers from us means fewer worries as we cater to the computer’s maintenance. When you experience computer malfunctions, reach out to us, and our engineers will be dispatched to your office to fix the computers within 4 hours.

Upgrade your technologies at no extra charges

The outgoing computers are more powerful in disk space, memory, and computing than the supercomputers used years ago. Clusters of these computers can perform better compared to a corporate supercomputer at reasonable charges. You can replace your old computers with new ones every year at no extra charge. Renting computers from us means you have an opportunity to return the old computers after a specified period and we will provide you with the latest ones if you require them. We always want to ensure that businesses that use the latest technologies have what they are looking for.

 If you own computers, replacing them every one or two years would result in losses. However, while using rental computers from us, you will pay the same amount every year, and you can request updated computers. This makes it possible to provide your staff with the latest computers, which translates to efficiency and profit.

Rent mid-range computers for regular business operations

We have mid-range computers for rental at unbelievable prices. They the ideal option to get your business’s daily operations moving. Whether you need one or hundreds of them, we can meet your requirements and deliver the computers to your office. The lower rental charges and longer life makes mid-range computers an economical choice for businesses to carry normal operations.

High-end computers for rent

We offer premium high-end computers on rent in India with high configuration to assist you in carrying out performance-intensive projects casually. The extra RAM and processing power ensure you get a smooth experience. If your project requires you to open hundreds of tabs on your web browser or have several software programs running at a go, these computers are the best deal for you.

It will help you complete your project without getting your computer failing. Our high-end computers will help you increase productivity and complete more projects in less time. Whether you need a few such high-end computers or in bulk numbers, we can deliver the ideal high-end gaming-type computers.

Computer Rentals for events

We can deliver computers for events. Whether it’s a business that would love to participate in a trade show or an expo or it’s an event management company, we can deliver the required computers at the event venue. We have a wide collection of premium computers from leading brands ideal for your event needs. Our team delivers the computers and collects them back as per your planning. Our engineers will also be present at the event to offer technical support in case a computer experiences any failures. Over the years, we have provided computers for different types of events in the country.

Computer rental for education institutions

We provide rental computers to educational institutions for short-term requirements. Whether it is a computerized exam and an event, we can provide all computers you require at reasonable rental charges. Our team delivers computers at the venue and provides installation services. We also handle the installation of special software programs you need on the computers. When you are done, our team collects back the computers, so you don’t need to worry about their custody. Additionally, our engineers will be present to help out with any malfunctioning problems.

Bulk computer rental

Rent computes in bulk for your long-term, and short-term needs at unbeatable charges. We deliver computers for businesses requiring them in large numbers. Our rental solutions are designed for long-term business needs with many employees. Besides the delivery of computers per the specifications, we also cater for their maintenance. So, you don’t need to get tensed about fixing the computers if they malfunction. Our engineers will fix the computers within 4 hours of service request.

Renting computers instead of purchasing them to meet your bulk needs has several benefits. It helps you reduce the number of computers in your office whenever there is a need without losing money. If you have purchased several computers for a project to be complete in six months, the computers will become useless if you don’t secure other similar projects. If you opt to rent, you can use the computers for a specified period that a projected is expected to last, which helps you save money. Our computers will come equipped with a keyboard, mouse any networking accessories required.

Computers for rent

Dell OptiPlex 780


  • Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB RAM
  • 160GB
  • 17-inch Screen
  • Keyboard and mouse

Dell OptiPlex 990


  • Core i3/i5/i7
  • 4GB/8GB/16GB RAM
  • 250GB
  • 18.5-inch monitor
  • Keyboard and mouse

Hp All-in-One Desktop


  • Corei7
  • 8GB
  • 1TB HDD
  • 2GB Nvidia Graphics
  • 23-inch touch screen
  • Window 10 pro

Apple iMac 27


  • Intel Core i5/ Core i7
  • I6GB RAM
  • 2TB Hard drive
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

Apple iMac 21


  • Intel Core i5/Core i7
  • 8GB RAM
  • Keyboard and mouse

Today, most businesses will have one section using PCs and another one using Macs, and we are the best destination for both. You can access either of them based on your business’s needs