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Welcome to Laptops on Rent – Your One-Stop Destination for Desktop and Mac Computer Rentals

Computer on rent

If you’re in need of desktop for rent or Mac computers for rent, you’ve come to the right place. At Laptops on Rent, we offer PAN India computer rentals at competitive prices, fulfilling all your rental needs in a timely and professional manner. Whether you require computers for a day, weeks, or months, we can deliver the latest models to your office, helping you address your specific requirements.

Why Choose Computer Rentals?

Renting computers provides numerous benefits and advantages for businesses, events, and educational institutions. Here are some compelling reasons to consider computer rentals from Laptops on Rent:


Investing a significant amount in purchasing computers in bulk can strain your finances and limit funds for other crucial needs. Renting computers allows you to pay only a fraction of the annual charges, providing a more economical option. Additionally, computer rentals eliminate the extra costs associated with maintenance and taxes that come with owning computers.

Tax benefits

Renting computers enables you to avoid taxes associated with owning assets. As rental computers are not considered assets, you do not need to pay tax on them. In contrast, purchasing computers subjects you to tax obligations. Renting computers helps you limit tax expenses, as the rental charges are considered expenses, reducing your overall tax liability and positively impacting your business profits.

GST input

Renting IT equipment, including laptops for rent, rental computers, projectors, servers, iMacs, and MacBooks on rent, allows you to claim 100% GST input. This means you can take advantage of the tax benefits offered by the Goods and Service Tax classification.

Reduce responsibilities

With rental computers, the maintenance falls under the rental company’s purview. If you experience any computer failures, simply make a service request, and our engineers will promptly fix the problem. You won’t need to employ in-house computer engineers or rely on third-party experts for computer maintenance. We take care of both hardware and software issues, providing you with a hassle-free experience and relieving you of computer maintenance headaches.

Desktop PC Rental

At Laptops on Rent, we offer pocket-friendly rates for desktop computer rentals. Our extensive collection includes various leading brands, allowing us to cater to your bulk computer needs. Whether you require desktop computers with built-in monitors or separate monitors, we can provide the ideal configuration to meet your specific requirements. Consider the software you’ll be running and specify the minimum configuration you need. We have options available for basic operations as well as media functionality.

Upgrading Technologies at No Extra Charge

Renting computers from us gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the latest models at no extra cost. As technology evolves, older computers become less powerful compared to newer models. Renting allows you to return old computers after a specified period and receive the latest ones, ensuring your staff always has access to the latest technology. This boosts efficiency, productivity, and overall profit without incurring losses from frequently replacing owned computers.

Mid-Range and High-End Computers for Rent

We offer mid-range computers at unbeatable prices, ideal for regular business operations. These cost-effective options provide the necessary functionality for your daily tasks. For performance-intensive projects, our high-end computers with enhanced RAM and processing power ensure a smooth experience. Whether you need a few or bulk numbers, we can deliver the ideal high-end computers tailored to your specific needs.

Computer on rent

Computer Rentals for Events and Educational Institutions

We provide computer rentals for events, trade shows, expos, and educational institutions. With a wide collection of premium computers from leading brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple, we can accommodate any event size. Our computers are perfect for presentations, training sessions, workshops, and exams. We offer on-site setup and technical support to ensure a seamless experience for your event attendees or students.

Computer on rent