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High-End Computer Rentals

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What is a High-End Desktop

High-end desktops have a large difference from simple desktops or low-end desktops. You may generally prefer to buy a laptop over a PC but after knowing the configurations of high-end desktops, you may give it a think!

As it is given in the name, high-end you must be wondering it to be more expensive. But this can be misleading information. They are indeed expensive but their top-notch technology. However, with renting, the expense would not be a problem and you can choose the top-rated laptops just at the price of a table. Isn’t it amazing?

Definition of a high-end desktop is a system that can run all of the latest games at all of the highest graphical settings for an extended period, preferably years. This is referred to as “future-proofing,” and since most mid-range PCs are capable of running the most recent games, future-proofing is basically the only incentive to upgrade. This is best if you want to use a single PC for long period and yet want to stay updated. High-end desktops are crucial for games and are best known for their high-class programming as compared to laptops and other low-end desktops.

When To Prefer High-End Desktops Over Laptops

Since there are a lot of smart options in the market, it is very difficult to analyze which one to choose. Macbooks, notepads, ipads, laptops, desktops, and smartphones almost do the same work. The option you are choosing must be according to your need. So let’s find out which one you should prefer!

· Mobility

Sometimes, you need to create a work zone to work properly. This will be easier to accomplish with a desktop workstation.

The thing that makes a desktop less tempting is also what makes it perfect for work. It’s immobile and once you set it up to you won’t have to worry about setting it again and you can work every day on the same setup without any worrying about setting up every day.  In fact, desktop monitors have a larger screen and are accurate to avoid pressure in your eyes.

But if you are someone who wants to enjoy the rain while working for instance, or if you don’t want to get out of your bed to work, then a laptop might be a better option for you.

· Modifications

If you get a desktop, you can use UPS, mouse, monitors, or keyboards of your own choice but in the case of laptops everything is stuck together and you can’t do any modifications. Yes, you can have your webcam or headphones but the other complex modifications can be costly.

· Work Performance

A desktop computer will always outperform a laptop. Because of the larger form factor, you can install a more powerful processor and graphics card, as well as additional RAM and storage. However, it’s not always the performance that matters. If you are a corporate manager or worker, then laptops for communicating or coding, or doing work from home is more convenient.

Even so, if you are a business owner, desktops can be a dessert to your meal.

High-End Desktop Rental Advantages

Well, advantages come with a price. Owning a high-end laptop can be quite problematic with high-c0st, maintenance, and coping up with the technology. Thus, if you are opening a business or starting a youtube channel for gaming, there is nothing better than renting a high-end desktop. Let’s see how can renting benefit you and your business.

1. Cheaper Price

High-end desktops are among the most expensive electronic gadgets. But we won’t let your dreams down. If you rent a PC, you can afford it in just a few thousand.

It can be very beneficial from an accounting standpoint. You must be amazed to know that there is no depreciation, allowing you to create cash for other investments. Moreover, the Desktop computer rental fee may be tax-deductible, as may the costs of maintaining the IT infrastructure, as IT equipment is prone to malfunction.

2. Modernity

According to surveys, the life of a normal computer is 2-3 years. After that it becomes outdated. For high-end desktops let’s consider it 4 years for instance but what after that? Your company might be needing the latest updates to cope up with the completion. And so, the option of rental becomes important. With renting you can change your option every 1-2  years or whenever you want at an affordable price.

3. Assistance

The corporation can occasionally relieve itself of infrastructure administration, which takes time and technical skills, by renting their IT equipment. However, some companies provide an overall solution including IT assistance. In such cases, the IT infrastructure is maintained by an outside service provider who is a specialist in the subject.

Buying high-end laptops can cost you up to $1400 or more. But guess how much it takes to rent a high-end desktop? It’s not more than Rs 3000 per month.

High-End Desktop rentals

The high-end desktops that we provide are best for data-entry works, calling processes, and software development. Following is the list of the available models. The price ranges from Rs 999 to Rs 6000 per month.

  • Core I3 Desktop (8 GB RAM240 GB SSD, 18.5“ LCD)
  • Core I5 Desktop (16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD, 21.5“ LCD)
  • IMAC On Rent (i5 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 21.5“ Screen Size)
  • I7 Desktop On Rent (i7 4th Gen, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 18.5“ LCD Screen)


High-end desktop computers are a treasure that has been passed down through the years. They will never be replaced by modern intelligent processing. Its attractiveness is enhanced by its steadiness and advancements. Renting is the best option if you ever want to establish a business or have PCs for your office. The long-term viability of renting a high-end laptop is unfathomable. Ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities and costs a lot of money. As a result, we recommend that you put your money into other elements of your business and try computer renting!